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J&R National Team

Join Our Support Program

J&R Bicycles currently co-sponsors over 150 teams and nearly 200 tracks. Our teams range from the local crew to top national factory teams and everything in between. Our track co-sponsorship covers most states and even some international destinations. Want to join our awesome crew of J&R fanatics? Click on the link below to get more information.

Our Programs

Solo Rider Support

Your son/daughter wins every race. Or, maybe it's you. Each time the gate drops, you get the holeshot. And now you're ready to be a sponsored rider! Or, actually, maybe not quite. I don't want to steal your thunder, but we get requests several times each week from 'the fastest rider in his/her class' - and that's awesome! It really is! But we very rarely 'sponsor' individual riders. The few riders we do sponsor are the best of the best, with incredible skills and jaw dropping resumes. But don't let me discourage you - J&R Bicycles definitely wants to help you out with our Solo Rider Support Program. It's a self-serve system that should give you a boost on your BMX journey.

Team Support

It takes a huge amount of time, dedication and heart to manage a BMX Race Team. Our helmets are off to those of you out there working to keep those teams together and give them the motivation and encouragement needed to stay positive, focused and victorious! Though we can't provide a 'full ride' to every team that comes calling - trust me, it is ALOT of calls - we can do our small part to help as many teams out there as possible.


Let me guess: You're part of a dedicated group of parents/friends/riders/local do-gooders who spend countless hours each year taking care of the neighborhood track. You man the ticket counter and the snack bar, you announce the starts and operate the gate, you show up first and leave last, and each year when the track needs maintenance you show up with your shovel in hand ready to work. We love people like you, and we want to do our part to help your track stay on track. So how do we take this relationship to the next level?

Event Support

Do you have an awesome BMX event coming up soon? Been thinking of reaching out to the professional BMX community to see if there might be some like-minded businesses out there that would like to help you kick your event off in style? Of course you have. We get it. I mean, literally, we get calls from cool BMX'ers like yourself all the time asking if we can offer up some goodies to reward the masses at some big splash or another coming up around the corner. So today is your lucky day. We definitely want to help anyone and everyone who's got their heart in the right place and the willingness to follow some pretty simple instructions. So what's next?