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Track Support

J&R Track Support Program

Let me guess: You're part of a dedicated group of parents/friends/riders/local do-gooders who spend countless hours each year taking care of the neighborhood track. You man the ticket counter and the snack bar, you announce the starts and operate the gate, you show up first and leave last, and each year when the track needs maintenance you show up with your shovel in hand ready to work. We love people like you, and we want to do our part to help your track stay on track. So how do we take this relationship to the next level?

What you need to do:

Please fill out the live form below and give us some detailed information about your track. J&R Bicycles will only accept and respond to submissions placed through the live form; please do not attempt multiple submissions!

What we'll do:

If everything is in order and you've provided all the necessary information, we will send you an e-mail to accept our invitation for the track newsletter and to activate your 2024 track discount.

What else you can do:

  • Post up BIG news updates throughout the year to Instagram and Facebook.
  • Anytime you post to Instagram, hashtag us: #jandrbmx
  • Anytime you post to Facebook*, tag us using @J&R BICYCLES
  • We'll like and share along with you throughout the season!

*keep in mind 'tagging' on Facebook is not the same as hashtagging on Instagram; please try to use the correct tag form as shown above - it should automatically bring up our Facebook page when you type it correctly using the @ sign

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