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Custom BMX Bikes

J&R Custom Bike Builds

Please send us a message with some information about your custom build so that we can put together the best possible estimate for your dream BMX bike!

Please include the following:

  • Rider Age
  • Rider Height
  • Rider Weight
  • Frame Size that you think your Rider needs
  • Any Brand or Color requirements
  • Budget Range
  • Date of intended purchase
  • Contact Name and Phone Number

Serious Inquiries Only. We must make phone and/or email contact with you prior to starting your quote. Additionally, if you are under 18, we will need confirmation from a parent or guardian before we will move forward with the quote process.

Due to constantly changing inventory, build requests need to be submitted no longer than 30 days before intended purchase.

Customize Your Ride To The Next Level

BMX Bike Diagram
Frame The foundation of your ride! Your frame makes all the difference.
Seat You put your butt on it! Make it comfy.
Seat Post Saddle up! This little guy connects your seat to the frame.
Brakes STOP!!! On a dime. Your brakes keep you from becoming one with the pavement.
Spokes Shiny and tiny, think of your spokes as support beams, except instead of a house they hold you up.
Rear Hub Your rear hub regulates your speed and allows you to go faster than you ever dreamed.
Chain This is what makes your whole bike function. Connected to your back hub your chain helps you move along.
Sprocket Your chain turner! Sprockets hold your chain in place and allow you to crank at full speed.
Crank Arm The piston of the bmx world. Accelerate with ease and smoke the competition.
Pedal like a hammock for your feet...except your feet aren't sleeping and more than likely pumping hectically.
Brake Lever The remote control of your brakes. Squeeze to stop release to go, it’s that simple.
Brake Cable This is the vein of your bike! Connected to the heart of it, the breaks.
Bars The steering wheel for your two wheel machine.
Stem Your stem holds your bars in place and keep you from flipping over your front wheel.
Headset The turn table of bmx. Your headset allows you to turn your front wheel, keep it tight and smooth.
Grips Keep a tight grip... with some grips!!!
Forks Hold down your front end with a legit fork.
Rims Shiny, Round and connected to your spokes/hubs your rims are what make your wheels wheels.
Tires Sole, comfort, Rubber and more rubber. Think of your tires as the shoes of your ride.
Hub Just keeps spinning and spinning and spinning and spin.....
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Custom Bike Build Gallery

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