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If visiting us in person, please be considerate of our staff and observe all appropriate COVID-19 precautions.
If visiting us in person, please be considerate of our staff and observe all appropriate COVID-19 precautions.
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Individual Rider Support Program Information

Your son/daughter wins every race. Or, maybe it's you. Each time the gate drops, you get the holeshot. And now you're ready to be a sponsored rider! Or, actually, maybe not quite. I don't want to steal your thunder, but we get requests several times each week from 'the fastest rider in his/her class' - and that's awesome! It really is! But we very rarely 'sponsor' individual riders. The few riders we do sponsor are the best of the best, with incredible skills and jaw dropping resumes. Don't let me discourage you  -  if you're racking up titles and killing it worldwide, J&R Bicycles definitely wants to help you out with our Individual Rider Support Program. So, assuming you're the real deal, what's the process?

What you need to do:

It couldn't be simpler. If you want to wear the J&R colors, you're welcome to do so. This program isn't meant to block anyone from following their dreams - in fact, we're hoping that we can build up a tremendous team from all over the world rockin' the J&R Support Rider jerseys and killing it on the tracks. Log into your J&R Bicycles account, then purchase a J&R Support Rider Uniform Package.

What we'll do:

As soon as we see your order come through for the J&R Support Rider Uniform Package, we'll modify your account to give you automatic discounts on every order for the rest of the season. 20% off all regularly priced items online, over the phone and in our showroom with no minimum required. Additionally, you'll be able to shop with a 15% discount on all regularly priced orders over $25 at our race trailers! Some exclusions/limitations do apply.*

*Certain specific brands are limited to 15% discount, such as Profile, Chris King, Stealth, DXR and ONYX. Additionally, complete custom wheel builds are limited to 15%.

What else you can do:

Post up photos and status updates throughout your season to Instagram and Facebook.

Anytime you post to Instagram, hashtag us:  #jandrbmx

Anytime you post to Facebook*, tag us using @J&R BICYCLES

*keep in mind 'tagging' on Facebook is not the same as hashtagging on Instagram; please try to use the correct tag form as shown above - it should automatically bring up our Facebook page when you type it correctly using the @ sign

We'll like and share along with your progress throughout the season!


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