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Solo Rider Support Program

J&R Solo Rider Support Program

We've created this self-serve Solo Rider Support Program to help you get the gear you need at a better price, but that's not where the program ends. In addition to wearing one of the most recognizable logos in BMX each and every time you hit the track, you'll be joining a vibrant and active community of up and coming riders all looking to be part of something bigger.

What you need to do:

It couldn't be simpler. If you want to wear the J&R colors, you're welcome to do so. Log into your J&R Bicycles account, then purchase a J&R Support Rider Jersey.

That's the bare bones of it. But if you want to get more from the program, you can. Keep reading!

What we'll do:

As soon as we see your order come through for the J&R Support Rider Jersey, we'll modify your account to give you automatic discounts on every qualifying online order for the rest of the season. Additionally, you'll be able to shop with a discount on all regularly priced orders over $25 at our race trailers! Some exclusions/limitations do apply.

And, while discounts are awesome, we know you want more than just that! And that's why we've created and will be curating a dedicated Facebook Group just for Solo Support Riders. You'll be able to post about your BMX experiences, read about fellow Solo Support Riders, ask questions, get advice and become part of a community dedicated to BMX and BMX racing.

What else you can do:

  • Post up photos and status updates throughout your season to Instagram and Facebook.
  • Anytime you post to Instagram, hashtag us:  #jandrbmx
  • Anytime you post to Instagram, mention us:  @jandrbmx
  • Anytime you post to Facebook*, tag us using @J&R BICYCLES
  • We'll like and share along with your progress throughout the season!

*keep in mind 'tagging' on Facebook is not the same as hash-tagging on Instagram; please try to use the correct tag form as shown above - it should automatically bring up our Facebook page when you type it correctly using the @ sign

Solo Rider Support Sign Up

Please contact us at sponsorship@jrbicycles.com about the 2022 Solo Support program if you have any questions, or just take the leap and buy your J&R Bicycles Support Rider Jersey now!