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Event Support

J&R Event Support Program

Do you have an awesome BMX event coming up soon? Been thinking of reaching out to the professional BMX community to see if there might be some like-minded businesses out there that would like to help you kick your event off in style? Of course you have. We get it. I mean, literally, we get calls from cool BMX'ers like yourself all the time asking if we can offer up some goodies to reward the masses at some big splash or another coming up around the corner. So today is your lucky day. We definitely want to help anyone and everyone who's got their heart in the right place and the willingness to follow some pretty simple instructions. So what's next?

Please note: You must be a part of J&R co-sponsor program in order to sign up for an event sponsorship.

What you need to do:

Please email our marketing department with some detailed information about your event. J&R Bicycles will only accept and respond to submissions from tracks that are already part of our co-sponsor program and emailed to the proper address (see below); please do not send multiple submissions!

What we'll do:

We will review your submission request within 5 business days.  If everything is in order and you've provided all the necessary information, we'll let you know by email that the request has been approved and a support package containing various goodies will be mailed out.  What goodies, you ask?  Does it matter?!?!  It's free, and it will be awesome.  Additionally, if you send us photos of the event featuring people enjoying the J&R goodies, we'll pimp 'em out on Social media to generate some good post-event buzz for both of us.

Event Sign Up

Please email our marketing department about your event.