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Tech Deck Ultra DLX Fingerboard 4 Pack-Chocolate

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About This Product: Tech Deck Ultra DLX Fingerboard 4 Pack-Chocolate

The Tech Deck Ultra DLX Fingerboard 4 Pack-Chocolate includes everything you need to build out 4 custom Tech Deck setups including extra boards and parts. Every one of these authentic fingerboards features detailed graphics from Chocolate Skateboards. Build these boards any way you like with custom adjustments and combos using the included components. This Tech Deck 4 pack includes one complete board with all the parts you need to build 3 more! Add to your collection or grab it as a gift for anyone 6 years old and up.


  • Tech Deck brings you the real deal with authentic fingerboards from real skate companies!
  • Receive 4 boards with authentic skate graphics to build and customize. Collect the whole series!
  • Learn new tricks & tips from TechDeck.com and become a pro in no time!
  • Tech Deck skateboards are for skate-lovers ages 6+. No batteries required.


  • 1 Assembled Board
  • 3 Boards with Grip Tape
  • 2 Sticker Sheets
  • 12 Wheels
  • 1 Skate Tool
  • 6 Skateboard Trucks
  • 24 Screws
  • 18 Nuts