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Sinz Chromoly Chainring Bolts-Black

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About This Product: Sinz Chromoly Chainring Bolts-Black

Sinz Chromoly chainring bolts for 4 and 5 bolt BMX gears.

MATERIAL: Chromoly (steel)
USE: Works with most 4-bolt and 5-bolt chainrings.
SIZE: "Short" (4mm) or "Long" (7mm).  Short works with most gear and crank combinations.  Some spiders and gears are thicker and require "long" chainring bolts - 7mm long.
INCLUDES: Set of 5
NOTE: Use grease on threads.  "Short" works on most crank and chainring combinations such as Answer, Speedline, AC and SINZ (after-market) cranks in combination with MCS, Tangent, Crupi, Rennen or SINZ (after-market) chainrings,  Some cranks and chainrings that come stock on bikes will use the "Long" chainring bolts.  Profile chainrings will also require "long" chainring bolts. Check your combination and select the size you require.