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Shimano XC5 Clipless Shoes-Blue

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About This Product: Shimano XC5 Clipless Shoes-Blue

Even though the Shimano XC5 Clipless Shoe-Blue fits your foot like a glove, it functions like a clipless shoe because it is not a glove, but a shoe...and a pretty great shoe at that. It features a dial which allows for a super fine-tuned fit and a mesh/TPU/synthetic leather composite upper which is both breathable and comfortable. But most importantly the midsole is reinforced with fiberglass ensuring efficient power transfer...the better to get out of the gate quicker.


  • Low stack height midsole helps stabilize foot, maximizes power transfer and efficiency.
  • Surround wrapping upper structure reduces overlap, provides Glove-like fit.
  • Mesh/TPU/Synthetic leather composite upper provides comfortable fit and better breathability.
  • BOA® L6 dial for quick and precise micro-adjustment.
  • Glass fiber reinforced midsole for power transfer.
  • Exclusive MICHELIN high-traction, mud-shedding tread pattern outsole.
  • Reinforced spike mount for extreme conditions, 18 mm spike option.
  • Available in wide width.