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Rennen Smart Sprint Speedometer - 1
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Rennen Smart Sprint Speedometer

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About This Product: Rennen Smart Sprint Speedometer

Rennen Smart Sprint Speedometer is a first of its kind BMX specific speedometer. The Smart Sprint was designed and built for the BMX racer. Whether your evaluating your performance on the track or during your sprint session, Smart Sprint has you covered.


  • 0-20mph: Measure how long it takes for you to get up to 20mph. Perfect for evaluating if your training is working. The smaller the time the faster your getting
  • Distance timer: Measure the time it takes for you to travel the preset distance. Range that you can select is between 10-1500ft. Stop messing around with marking off Distances and using timer pods or gates this is the first on the bike timing system that is affordable to the masses.
  • Max Speed: Record and view the maximum speed you hit while training. This is very useful to see if your getting faster or evaluating your top end spin.
  • Odometer: Keep track of the total number of miles you ride.
  • Trip Distance: You can track and clear the total miles accumulated on a given riding session. Similar to Odometer function but you have the ability to clear this measurement.
  • Trip time: Record the time it takes to cover the trip distance.
  • 12/24hr Clock: Convenient display of the current time of the day.

NOTE: Smart Sprint only Displays English Units. Please try to mount your sensors as close as possible to your magnets. This can be done by inserting material to space out the sensor before ziptieing it down. Tests conducted today at the Rennen lab prove that if you keep your distance between 1-2mm of spacing everything is good. Stray from this and all of your information can be off.