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Rennen Inertia Training System

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About This Product: Rennen Inertia Training System

Rennen Design Group has been testing the concept of Inertia Training with various members of its factory team along with Greg Romero (Coach G) for the past year. They have proven that the concept helps make you faster by slowing you down (via G-Cog data) and once the rider adapts they can achieve faster times on their normal race setup.

The results you can achieve are amazing. This idea, in a nutshell, is the equivalent to an on the bike power squat. Its the most BMX sport-specific resistance training that you can get. See for yourself (here) the reactions we got when showing the worlds best riders and coaches a sneak peek of the Rennen IT system

Add a new dimension to your sprint routine by stacking on plates to change the resistance of the sprint while riding your race gear ratio.

Inertia Wheel Sprint Training also offers something that no other form of resistance training can provide. From zero to max speed the sprint will feel very hard while you are accelerating this high inertia wheel. Once at a constant speed the IT wheel feels easier to pedal than a traditional wheel at the same speed. The result is that you get the benefits of an uphill and downhill sprint all on flat ground while using one setup. The Rennen IT system is intended for flat ground sprints (Do not try to ride this at the track!)

Simply add your tire and mount the wheel to your bike for a one of a kind workout.

Base weight: 6 lbs (2700g)

Includes: Wheel, 1 cog size 16T and 11 lbs (5000g) of weight (additional weights available upon request in 2lb (900g) increments up to a total wheel weight of 34lbs (15.5kg)).