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Rennen Decimal Chainring-4-Bolt

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About This Product: Rennen Decimal Chainring-4-Bolt

Redefine your rides with the Rennen Decimal Chainring-4-Bolt! Featuring a durable aluminum construction CNC machined for precision, this 4-bolt spider compatible chainring can take anything you throw at it and last longer. Enjoy the exhilarating thrill of BMX biking with the ultimate product performance!


  • MATERIAL: U.S.A. Made 7000 Series Aluminum and CNC machined, specifically shaped teeth to last longer
  • FIT: 4-Bolt bolt pattern for 104mm spiders
  • CHAIN FIT: 3/32"
  • BOLT REQUIREMENT: Typically uses long chainring bolt for most cranks/spiders
  • CRANK REQUIREMENT: Any crank with 4-Bolt spider or that can be adapted with a 4-bolt spider
  • 3.9oz/110g (42T)