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Promax HB-1P Pro Cassette Hubs Quick Engagement-10mm

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About This Product: Promax HB-1P Pro Cassette Hubs Quick Engagement-10mm


HB-1P hub shells are cold forged from 6061-T6-aluminum alloy ensuring the maximum strength-to-weight-ratio. They come equipped with a wide Shimano-compatible cassette body for easy chainline adjustments. And the cassette has 120 points of engagement for fast and precise forward drive.

Available in black with laser-etched logos and 36 spoke holes, each hub set includes front and rear hubs with chromoly 10-mil (3/8”) male/female axles, 16T cog, 10-mil cog spacer and lock-ring. The complete hub set including cog, spacer and lock-ring weighs 782 grams/27.8 ounces per pair.

The hubs complete the Promax line of BMX race hubs. Promax also sell a mini hub called HB-1M, which is available in a 24-hole model in black and a 28-hole model in anodized red, blue, gold and black. -Front hub: 290 gr/10.2 oz.
-Rear hub: 438 gr/15.45 oz.

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