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Profile Chromoly Hex Bolt-17mm

  • Step (3/8 hub/14mm dropout)
  • Step Peg (3/8 hub/14mm dropout for Pegs)
  • Straight (3/8 hub/dropout)
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About This Product: Profile Chromoly Hex Bolt-17mm

17mm HEX BOLTS offer a 3/8 bolt with a 17mm socket and 8mm allen option.

There are three versions available:
--A straight 3/8 (10mm) bolt, which will fit 3/8 drop-outs.
--The standard 3/8 (10mm) to 14mm dropouts version
--The peg version, which has a longer 14mm section that's long enough for both a 14mm peg as well as a 14mm dropout.

-Chromo 3/8 17mm hex bolt: 37g/1.3oz
-Chromo 3/8 to 14mm hex bolt: 41g/1.4oz
-Chromo 3/8 to 14mm Peg Bolt: 25g/1.5oz

Price is per bolt.
NOTE: When installing the 14mm peg bolt, make sure the shoulder of the bolt does not protrude past the inside of the dropout. If it does, you might need to add additional washers. Failure to install this bolt properly will result in damage to your hub.

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