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Presta Valve Tube - 1
Presta Valve Tube - 2

Presta Valve Tube

  • 20x1-inch
  • 20x1.25-inch-1.5-inch
  • 24x1-1/8-inch
  • 26X1.9-inch-2.35-inch
  • 26X4.0-inch
  • 26x5-inch-5.25-inch
  • 29x2.60-inch-3.25-inch
  • 26X2-inch-2.40-inch
  • 27.5X2-inch-2.35-inch
  • 20x1.35-1.50-inch
  • 26x1.50-inch-1.95-inch
  • 27.5x2.00-inch-2.25-inch
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About This Product: Presta Valve Tube

Made for rims that utilize the smaller "Presta" valves, our durable Presta style tubes will keep your bike rolling longer than most other tube companies. Be sure to use the proper Presta valve adapter on your air pumps, and if you don’t have them, we do under our air pump section.