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Odyssey GTX-S Gyro Pro Kit-Black

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About This Product: Odyssey GTX-S Gyro Pro Kit-Black

Upgrade your bike’s cable system with the Odyssey GTX-S Pro Kit-Black. Featuring Odyssey’s high quality Gyro components.


  • Gyro® GTX-S Bearing Unit: Considered the industry standard, the Odyssey GTX-S Gyro has been a constantly improving cable detangler system since 1986. With its low 17mm stack height and top of the line Gyro®, the GTX-S is a perfect upgrade to the G3 Gyro®.
  • Gyro® 475mm Upper Cable: The Odyssey Gyro® 475mm Upper Cable-Black comes in short, medium or long lengths to fit a wide range of handlebars and although it can be used on a most detangler systems, it was specifically designed for the GTX-S and G3 systems.
  • Universal Lower Cable: The Odyssey Gyro® Lower Cables-Black will fit most detangler systems, but was designed specifically for the GTX-S and G3 systems.
  • CNC'd Upper Gyro Plate: The Odyseey CNC’d Upper Gyro Plate-Black features a universal fit for 1 1/8” detanglers, but works best with the Odyssey GTX-3 and G3 systems.
  • Removable Gyro Tabs: Use these removable tabs for direct replacement on your frame.