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Odyssey Aaron Ross V2 BMX Tire

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About This Product: Odyssey Aaron Ross V2 BMX Tire

The Odyssey Aaron Ross V2 BMX Tire is the latest version of the Aaron Ross signature tire. It features an updated block tread, bigger sizing, and has a dual ply casing. The uniform block tread is reminiscent of his original tire, but freshened up.

Need Some help Choosing tires?

Understanding tire sizing conventions, such as diameter, width, and ISO (International Organization for Standardization), will help you to make the best decision when purchasing BMX tires. Different BMX disciplines, such as racing, street, and park riding, often require specific tire sizes. Racing bikes generally use narrower tires for increased speed, while street and park riders often opt for wider tires for enhanced stability and grip.

Several factors influence the selection of BMX tires, and considering these elements will help you find the perfect match for your riding style and needs.