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Kingstar Carbon Headset-Integrated

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About This Product: Kingstar Carbon Headset-Integrated


The integrated style headset is designed for frames that are made with an integrated headtube.  Most frames use the 45/45 (degree) bearings such as the Kingstar.  This is also known as a "Campy style" integrated headset.  There are a few frames out there that require a 36/45 headset but none of the frames J&R sells requires one - make sure you know what your frame needs.

- 2 x 11/8" precision sealed cartridge bearings
- Kingstar custom carbon fiber dust cover
- Kingstar custom carbon fiber headset cap
- standard star nut and fork race
 - 45/45 Campy style bearing angle

Weight: 2.1oz  |  59.53g

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Barcode 005090
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