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GT Cheat Code Alloy-Peg-100mm - 1
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GT Cheat Code Alloy-Peg-100mm

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About This Product: GT Cheat Code Alloy-Peg-100mm

The GT Cheat Code Alloy Peg-100mm has a knurled surface all around for way better grip a regular smooth peg. Disaster strikes and it isn’t pretty when your foot slides off your peg in the middle of that insane move you just worked out. Don’t be a victim to slippery pegs. These pegs fit your standard 10mm axle and have a laser etched GT Bikes logo so everyone will know your exceptional taste in pegs.


  • Knurled surface
  • 10mm axle
  • Laser-etched GT logos for the finishing touches


  • Body: Ø37mm x 102mm 6061 aluminium
  • Weight: 9.38oz./set