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Fly Racing Talon II Clipless Shoes-White

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About This Product: Fly Racing Talon II Clipless Shoes-White

Fly Talon II shoes are SPD compatible, so they work equally well for BMX or Mountain Biking. A new stiffer sole and nylon toe and heal offer additional protection and support. A simple 3-strap design helps put power to the pedals and mesh in the forefoot provides plenty of ventilation.  As with all "clipless" shoes we sell, they can be used with any brand "clipless" BMX and MTB pedals that we sell (some people call them to clip pedals but the true term is "clipless).
Make sure you purchase pedal cleats if you don't already have new ones.  Pedal cleats do come with the pedals if you are ordering new pedals.

NOTE: Mountain Climbing Toe Studs are not included with the Fly Racing shoes sold at J&R Bicycles. If they are shown in the photo, it is for reference only, and will not be included with the shoes when shipped. These studs are not intended for BMX use and can cause damage to the track surface.