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Eclat Core Linear Brake Cable-Red

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About This Product: Eclat Core Linear Brake Cable-Red

The Eclat Core Linear Brake Cable-Red prioritizes rider satisfaction by using improved material and design the all-too-common issue of cable-kinking. Featuring a pre-stretched stainless-steel cable with a poly-slip coating, combined with ball and barrel cable nipples, it ensures smooth and reliable operation. The 5mm compressionless housing with linear strands and a reinforcing spiral aluminum shell, enhanced by a Kevlar layer, effectively prevents kinking. This design stems from Eclat's commitment to rider feedback, ensuring you can keep rolling while maintaining optimal brake control.


  • CABLE: 1.5mm slic, stainless, pre-stretched and poly-slic coated for smooth operation
  • Ball and barrel cable nipples
  • HOUSING: 5mm compressionless, linear strands
  • Reinforcing spiral aluminum shell
  • 1300mm (130cm) cable housing
  • 2pcs ferrule (loose) and 2pcs end nipple are included