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If visiting us in person, please be considerate of our staff and observe all appropriate COVID-19 precautions.
If visiting us in person, please be considerate of our staff and observe all appropriate COVID-19 precautions.
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Chase 2021 Edge Expert BMX Race Bike-Black/Blue

by Chase
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About This Product

The Chase 2021 Edge Expert BMX Race Bike-Black/Blue is a pure bred BMX race designed machine.

It’s our most sought after Race bike for riders looking to get serious about BMX racing. With our deep history in BMX racing and our attention to detail, you know you are getting a top notch bike!


  • FRAME: CHASE Edge Frame Expert 19.75″ Top Tube Triple Butted Hydroformed
  • FORK: CHASE Edge Full Cr-mo Fork, 1-1/8″ Steer Tube
  • STEM: CHASE Edge 50mm
  • HANDLEBAR: CHASE Edge 5.75″
  • HEADSET: Integrated Sealed Bearing
  • CHAINRING: INSIGHT 42T 5 Bolts BCD 110mm
  • CRANKSET: CHASE Edge Alloy 165mm, 113mm Squared axle BB
  • HUBS: Double Contact Sealed Bearings, Steel Cassette Body (4 Pawls at Double Angle Engagement for 24T Ratchets), 16T cog
  • RIMS: CHASE Edge 138 Double Wall 20″x1-3/8″, 28H Front and Rear
  • TIRES: TIOGA PowerBlock 20″x1-3/8″ Front and Rear
  • BRAKES: TEKTRO 317A lever / BX-1V mini V-brake
  • SEAT: CHASE Pro Pivotal
  • RIDER SIZE: 4′ 4″ – 4′ 9,5″ / 1M32 – 1M46


  • Chase utilizes the triple butting on our line of Edge bikes. A triple-butted tube means it has three different wall thicknesses along its length. Chase uses this technology to reduce the amount of material used when building the Edge frame, decreasing its weight by 15% compared to last years frame tubes used to construct the frame. Lighter where it can be and stiffer where it needs to be means no excess weight on the bike that gives you an advantage with the Edge frame and against the completion.
  • Chase utilizes the CNC machining process to produce out 3D Modulus Dropout and small parts of the Edge and Element frames. Using the CNC process allows us to design parts that are specifically built to work the best with our proprietary frame tubes, giving us another way to control the overall weight and strength – flex factor on the frames, to give you, the best ride and feel from our complete bikes. Precision machining enhances the beauty and craftsmanship ship of all frames offered from Chase.
  • Chase Bicycles utilizes tapered tubing to offer you the most durable, yet light weight products, to help you achieve optimum results on the BMX race track. Our tapered items, use multiple thicknesses in the same tube, so the tube can be reinforced where needed with precision to help reduce stress areas where needed and lighten up the areas that don’t require extra materials. In aluminum the result are tube walls that eliminate stress points, boosting strength, reducing weight and improving fatigue life. The advantage is clear: Tapered tubes enhances strength and durability, at less weight.
  • While each rider is unique, Chase Bicycles has developed Bio Fit sizing for our frames to offer riders the ultimate size options for BMX racing. The sizing used for the Chase line has been carefully designed to give riders the optimum power output in the size range offered. Our commitment to details and offering many size options, gives you a custom fit BMX frame, that you can buy right at your local Chase BMX Dealer.
  • Born from some of the best alloys for building BMX race bikes, our special 6061-T6 SpeedLite alloy is the perfect blend for our Hydro-forming process, giving the Element frames the core strength needed to produce unmatched speed on the track, while keeping the overall weight of the frame down to a minimum.
  • Hydroformed tubes have two main advantages. First, the narrow axis is a flatter surface, which means more surface area to carry the load, so it is stiffer & stronger across the minor axis. Secondly, the deeper axis is stiffer since the stiffness varies to the cube of the diameter, stronger to the square. When using an oval shaped tube on a typical BMX frame it helps reduce flex but only in one direction, but on the Chase frames, the tubes are oval in both directions in the main flex areas and these tubes help reduce flex in both main directions.
  • Chase incorperates the Integrated headset system on all of our frames. Simply put, It is a bicycle frame, fork and bearing system designed to eliminate the need for a headset cup. To integrate means to combine and hopefully to simplify. What has been integrated by the integrated headset? The bearings now rest inside the frame instead of inside pressed-in cups, making it easier for headset installation, helping create less maintenance on your race bike, all while making the front end stiffer and the overall bike lighter.
  • BSA or more commonly know as a “Euro” Bottom Bracket refers to the tread in type of BB, using either a Internal or External Bottom Bracket with a 68 or 73mm BB shell with 1.370/1.375″ x 24 TPI threads and a left hand thread on the drive side cup. This is now considered to be a standard threaded bottom bracket shell or bottom bracket. We use the BSA Threaded BB on both the Edge and Element bikes, where a PF or Press Fit BB, with no treads is used on our ACT Carbon Frame.


  • FRAME: CHASE Edge Expert 19.75″ Top Tube 6061 T6 Alloy Triple butted Hydroformed, Integrated Head Tube, 1-1/8″
  • FORK: CHASE Edge Full Cr-mo, 1-1/8″ Steer Tube With Tapered Blades
  • HEADSET: Integrated Sealed Bearing
  • HANDLEBAR: CHASE Edge Bar 5.75″ Rise, 8° Back Sweep & 2° Up Sweep
  • GRIPS: INSIGHT C.O.G.S 130mm Alloy Clamps Laser Etched Logo, PVC End Plug
  • STEM: CHASE Edge 50mm 6061 T6 Alloy Laser Etched Logo
  • BB: 113mm Sealed Cartridge Square BB
  • CHAINRING: INSIGHT 42 Tooth 4 Bolts 104mm 1/2″x3/32″ 3mm Alloy Ring
  • CRANK: CHASE Edge 3 Piece Crank 165mm Alloy Arm With Laser Etched Logo, Cr-mo Chain Ring Bolts / Nuts
  • PEDAL: Platform Pedal 9/16″
  • CHAIN: KMC Z1 narrow 1/2″x3/32″
  • COG: 16 Tooth
  • FRONT HUB: Mini Hub, 28H, Double Contact Seals Bearing with Dust Caps, 3/8″ Axle/Nuts
  • REAR HUB: 28H, Sealed Cartridge Bearings with Dust Caps, 3/8″ Axle/Nuts, Steel Cassette Body with 4 Pawls at Double Angle Engagement for 24T Ratchets
  • SPOKES: 14 Gauge
  • NIPPLES: Brass 14Gx5/8″
  • FRONT RIM: CHASE Edge 138 Double Wall 28H 20″x1-3/8″ Schrader Valve
  • REAR RIM: CHASE Edge 138 Double Wall 28H 20″x1-3/8″ Schrader Valve
  • FRONT TIRE: TIOGA PowerBlock 20″x1-3/8″
  • REAR TIRE: TIOGA PowerBlock 20″x1-3/8″
  • TUBES: 20”x1-3/8″ Schrader Valve
  • SADDLE: Pro Pivotal
  • SEAT POST: Pivotal 25.4x200mm Alloy
  • SEAT CLAMP: CHASE Edge QR Alloy 28.6mm
  • CHAIN TENSIONNER: INSIGHT Twin Hole Laser Etched Logo, 3/8″ Axle


  • Frame Size: Junior
  • TT: 18.75″ / 476.25 mm
  • CS min: 12.5″ / 317.5 mm
  • LR: 1.8″ / 46 mm
  • AF: 73°
  • SA: 72°
  • HT: 4.33″ / 110 mm
  • SPL: 8.8″ / 225 mm
  • BBH: 10.6″ / 269.2 mm
  • Wheels: 20×1-1/8″