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Box 7075 Alloy Chainring Bolts-15pcs

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About This Product: Box 7075 Alloy Chainring Bolts-15pcs

The Box One 7075 Alloy Chainring Bolts-15pcs contains an array of pieces designed to fit nearly any chainring/crank combo. Package includes five 8.5-mm front bolts, five 6-mm front bolts, and five 5-mm rear nuts.


  • (5) 8.5mm front
  • (5) 6.5mm front
  • (5) 4mm rear


  • 8.5mm/12mm Male Bolt
  • 6.5mm/12mm Male Bolt
  • 4mm/12mm Female Bolt
  • Thread Pitch M8x0.75p
  • 5mm Allen Key
  • Slotted Female Bolt
  • Weight Limit: 45 kg (99 lbs) or less with limitations as per Category 1 of EN 16054:2012 Standard


  • Finish: Laser Etched Logo
  • Weight: 7 grams