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Atlas Air Neck Brace-Baller

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About This Product: Atlas Air Neck Brace-Baller

The Atlas Air Neck Brace is one of the best pieces of safety gear on the market. The design is impossibly light, flexible, and showcases a sleek, sexy, simplistic, and sophisticated design that is the perfect combination of fashion and function. Features include an insanely low weight of 590g (1.3 lbs), redesigned body hugging frame shape to reduce brace movement and improve fit/range of motion, simplified Easy Open release system, stronger and stiffer long travel front suspension, back supports that appear smaller but increase surface area, all new reversible Smart Mounts with multi-angle adjustment, lighter and tougher padding material in vibrant new colors, and a redesigned innovative tether that eliminates the need for multiple tools.

The overall height of the product has been reduced, yet the amount of surface area in contact with the body has been increased in order to maximize the distribution of impact forces. In fact, each Atlas Brace sits on 27% more of the body than the competition. A smaller and lighter product feels like you are wearing less, greatly enhancing the user experience of a neck brace. The most amazing thing about wearing it is that you forget you’re even wearing it.


  • Small 33 - 36” (84 - 92cm)              
  • Medium 37 - 41” (94 - 104cm)              
  • Large 42”+ (104cm +) 
Split-Flex Frame
  • Split frame promotes flex to mimic natural body movements for maximum comfort and mobility
  • Flexibility helps absorb and reduce impact forces before they reach the body by perpendicularly pushing them away from the point of helmet impact
  • Sleek new race-inspired look
  • New shape over the shoulder to improve fit and reduce excess brace movement while riding
  • Refined strap clip mounting is lower profile 
Surface Area
  • Brace appears smaller than the competition but contacts 27% more of the body
  • Increased surface area helps distribute impact forces over a wider area of the body

Easy Open release system

  • Now used for entry and exit to the brace
  • Same system used across all brace models
  • Durable and repeatable in any weather
  • New button location for easier operation

Chest Suspension - Sternum Free

  • Dual design maximizes the contact surface area, spreading impacts over a wide area of the body
  • All new 30mm long travel design is a 300% increase over last years 10mm travel design
  • Slightly stiffer to absorb a wider range of impacts
  • Each side operates independently for improved function during a wide range of impacts
  • New design is thinner for added compatibility with a wider range of body protection
  • Increased overall strength and durability
  • Chest supports sit around the sternum

Spine Free Back Supports

  • Back supports sit around the spine
  • Dual design maximizes the contact surface area, spreading impacts over a wide area of the body
  • New back supports appear shorter, but increase usable surface area by 8% over the previous design

Super Lightweight

  • Virtually unnoticeable 590g (1.3 lbs)

Smart Mounts (Size adjustment)

  • 6 possible mounting positions
  • Reversible to adjust for chest sizing (+/- 8mm)
  • Internal spline system with 3 angle settings to choose from (-10 , 0 , or +10 )

Height Adjustment

  • Choose from 2 height adjustments out of the box
  • Helps fit with a wider range of people, neck lengths, and helmet types (moto, MTB, road, etc)
  • Simple velcro assembly

Hybrid Strap

  • Wear over or under clothing to hold brace down

Premium Design and Materials

  • Tough High Impact Polypropylene construction
  • Ultra-lightweight and tough new padding
  • Custom machined Aluminum axles and mounts
  • Refined simplicity for an unmatched experience


  • All brace surfaces easily accept custom graphics