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Atlas Air Lite Neck Brace-Red

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About This Product: Atlas Air Lite Neck Brace-Red

The Atlas Air Lite Neck Brace provides adjustable support for all BMX bike uses, from offroad trails to motocross to supercross. The flexible and ergonomic polymer design is light enough for tricks yet strong enough for wear on snowmobiles and ATVs. Six different settings on the aluminum smart mounts and a wireless tether made of an unique rubber compound offer the best combination of protection and flexibility in the industry.

  • Innovations
    Atlas Neck Brace’s are known for the Patented flexible design, providing maximum comfort and mobility. Combining a simplistic minimalist design with flexibility, suspension, and the largest brace-to-body contact ratio makes the Atlas family of braces a clear category leader across the entire range.
  • Weightless Minimal Design
    Everything you need, nothing you don't. Our minimalist design is incredibly light, small in size, yet big on features.
  • Flexible polymer construction
    Tough, impact resistant polymer construction is ideal for multiple impacts. The flexible nature of the material is designed to slow down violent impacts in an effort to spread out and reduce impact forces, rather than coming to an abrupt stop
  • Split-Flex Frame
    The Split-Flex Frame design allows the rear of the brace to mimic the natural movements of your shoulders to provide the ultimate comfort and mobility
  • Spine & Sternum Free
    Each Atlas Neck Brace sits around your spine and sternum, transferring impact forces to the bigger muscle groups rather than directly on the spine and sternum, while greatly increasing surface area contact with the body to dissipate forces more efficiently
  • Chest Suspension
    Chest suspension keeps the head in motion during a longer period of the impact, while promoting tuck-and-roll ability during an accident. Unique leaf spring style design provides 30mm of chest suspension to help slow down and reduce impact forces. Each chest support can operate independently, allowing impact forces to be absorbed strategically and effectively
  • 27% More Body Contact
    Each Atlas Brace is the smallest overall size compared to the competition but contacts your body 27% more than the competition - making it smaller, and bigger. Increased surface area contact with the body helps spread out impact forces, with the intent of making their effects less noticeable and/or helping to potentially prevent secondary injuries
  • Wireless Tether
    Previously our rear tethers used an internal braided steel cable for strength. After 3 years of development, we have gone wireless! The new tethers use a specifically formulated rubber compound comolded to custom machined aluminium axle nuts. This unique rubber compound provides incredible strength and longevity, withstanding nearly infinite cycle testing
  • Easy Open
    Super strong 7075 Aluminium Easy Open release system makes removing an Atlas Brace effortless, reliable, and tough
  • Height Adjustment
    Each Atlas Air neck brace features 2 height adjustments. Tall pads are included in the box and make fit easier for longer necks, smaller helmets, and/or other needs
  • Smart Mounts
    Aluminium Smart Mounts of the back of each Atlas Brace provide 6 possible settings to fine tune the fit around your chest and back. The reversible design can move the back supports forward or back, and an internal spline system provides a -10, neutral, or +10-degree micro adjustment to fit various body shapes
  • Hybrid II Strap
    A marriage of chest strap comfort, with X strap versatility. Wear it over or under your jersey, and hook it into the supplied clips on each Atlas Brace
  • Multi-Use
    Each Atlas Brace is suitable for all non-seated activities that require a full-face helmet. This includes Motocross, Supercross, Off road/Trail riding, BMX, mountain biking, Snowmobiling, ATVs, etc