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Route Shipping Protection

Route Shipping Insurance

Peace-Of-Mind For Every Package

Track And Protect Your Purchase With Route

In an effort to provide more safety and assurance for our customers, we're happy to announce that J&R Bicycles is now partnered with Route, a shipping insurance company that offers complete protection for all of our guests. Improve your shopping experience by choosing Route Shipping Protection on the cart page. Additionally, you can download and use the free Route app to track shipments and view order history with us and any of your favorite Route enabled retailers all from one login.

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Why get route

Route Shipping Insurance is a low cost, optional add-on for your J&R Bicycles order, with 100% coverage for customers who want that extra level of assurance and protection from lost, damaged or stolen packages. At only 98¢ for orders under $100, or 3% of the product sub-total for orders over $100, the cost is minimal for that peace-of-mind.

When you purchase Route at checkout, you can easily file claims for lost, stolen or damaged packages in the unfortunate case that they arise. Route will either reorder your product(s) and have the package shipped directly at no cost to you, or you can request a refund of the actual cost you paid for your item(s), excluding taxes, shipping and initial Route coverage. And did we mention that it’s fast? Very fast! Most claims are resolved within one to three business days.

Damage Package

What happens if you opt out?

J&R Bicycles guarantees that all items and packages that leave through our shipping department have been checked for quality before being placed into the hands of whichever carrier you select in a timely manner. Then the carrier - whichever you select - will make their best effort to deliver your package. UPS and USPS both grant $100 automatic insurance for every shipment to cover 'lost' or 'damaged' packages, regardless of whether the package value is significantly higher than $100 – yes, that means your expensive new bike is only covered for $100 if you don’t opt in to Route.

Additionally, with either UPS or USPS, you'll go through a long process anywhere from 30 to 90 days to have your 'lost' or 'damaged' package investigated. Also note that neither carrier covers packages that go missing after delivery...this means that if they mark 'delivered' on your package, the case is closed no matter whether you actually receive the item or not. They might deliver to a wrong address, or maybe someone steals the package off your porch - and if either of those things happen, you are out of luck. You can call in to our shipping department and purchase carrier provided insurance, but it's usually a bit more expensive than ROUTE and still requires the 30 to 90 day investigation period if you need to use the carrier insurance.

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What happens when there's problem

Inform Route about the problem shipment. Either you contact them by phone or use the app. Make sure to have the Order ID we sent you or the Route Order ID ready to use with the claim form. Most claims resolve within 24 - 72 business hours. Pretty simple and straight forward.

Type Of Claims

  • Lost Item: An item is considered lost if it is never reported as Delivered. You may file a claim if enough time has been allowed for delivery to take place and it's well past the expected delivery date, or if your order is stuck in a shipping state other than "Delivered". Claims are considered "lost" after 7 days without a tracking status update (20 for international) and must be filed no later than 30 days from the last update.
  • Damaged Order: If your item(s) arrive damaged, unusable, or otherwise in an unacceptable condition, we invite you to file a claim with Route right away. Please remember to include pictures of the item(s) and packaging. Claims for damaged item(s) can be filed immediately, but must be filed no later than 15 days from the date it was marked delivered. Please note that minor cosmetic damage is not covered, as these things are common and do not render the products unusable.
  • Stolen Package: Route considers packages marked "delivered" (and not received) as stolen. We ask that you wait 5 days from the day the package was marked delivered; it is common for packages to be scanned as delivered and not show up for a few days. Stolen claims must be filed within 15 days from the date it was marked delivered. Please know that orders which are stolen with a purchase price greater than $100 will REQUIRE a police report.

If you have questions about filing your claim with Route, please contact us and we'll help you get started.

Choose Route. Choose Peace-of-Mind

We always try our best to serve our customers as quickly as possible, and while we will be able to assist you in most situations, working with our shipping companies can oftentimes result in filing a claim that may or may not be resolved. By purchasing shipping insurance with Route, completing a claim is only a click away, and allows your claim to be processed within 72 business hours. Yes, it costs more. But what does it cost to go without?