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J&R Bicycles Brand Resources

J&R Logo

Our logo is of magnificent importance, KEEP IT PERFECT!

  • Do not interchange the logo color or change to a different color.
  • Do not stretch the logo horizontally or vertically.
J&R Logo Contrast

Logo On Black Background

This logo variation must be used on the black background ONLY. For any other background, please see "logo on color" section or "framed logo" section.

J&R Logo On Color

Logo On Color

In certain situations, the logo can also be used on a white or contextually colored background, as long as there is a 3:1 contrast ratio (from the red and the black color). Anything less may compromise visibility and is not recommended. Color contrasts can be checked HERE.

J&R Logo Space

Clearing Space

The minimum clear space of the J&R Bicycles logo is the height of the "Bicycles" text in the logo.

J&R Framed Logo

Framed Logo

The Black framed logo must be used if the logo is placed within a very busy background or a low contrast background color.



RGB: 207 0 0

CMYK: 12 100 100 4

Hex: CF0000

Pantone: 2347 U


RGB: 0 0 0

CMYK: 70 50 30 100

Hex: 000000

Pantone: Black 6U

Black and White Logo

J & R Logo Black on White - RGB J & R Logo White on Black - RGB J & R Logo Black on White - CMYK J & R Logo White on Black - CMYK

Color Logo

J & R Logo on White - RGB J & R Logo on Black - RGB J & R Logo with Frame - RGB J & R Logo on White - CMYK J & R Logo on Black - CMYK J & R Logo with Frame - CMYK

Important Note: When using for web and social purposes, kindly use the RGB version. For all print materials, we recommend downloading and utilizing the CMYK version for the best results.