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J&R National Team Featured Rider-Andres Andrade

Heather Whitford
February 16, 2024
Andres Andrade
  • Name: Andres Andrade
  • Nickname: My racing nickname is “The Little Machine”.
  • Nickname Origin: “I got my nickname because I reminded my dad of Maris Stromberg’s riding style when I first started racing. Since his nickname is “The Machine”, my dad chose “The Little Machine” as mine.”
  • Age: 12 Expert from Miami, Florida

Introducing Andres Andrade! Andres has been riding BMX for 11 of his 12 years, learning to ride a balance bike at the same time he was learning to walk. “Actually, I first rode my strider bike when I was 6 months old, 4 months before I walked on my own!” he notes. Andres’ dad was riding BMX back in the 80s and his interest and history is what got Andres involved. We were lucky enough to have him join the J&R Bicycles National Team for the 2023 season, “and I have loved every minute of it!” he says.

Andres’ favorite part of competing in BMX is “hanging out with my J&R BMX Family and winning, of course!”. And winning is something he sure knows about! The accomplishment he is most proud of is making it to the Mains at Grands four times. When asked about the toughest parts of BMX racing, Andres acknowledged, “For sure the most challenging part of BMX racing is the mental part of it. Without the proper mindset, no matter how good you are, you aren't going to succeed as much as you would with the proper mentality.” His favorite track? Charlotte BMX because he loves how unique and fun it is to ride.

There are two famous BMX riders Andres finds drive and inspiration from. “My nickname’s sake, Maris Stromberg is one, obviously,” he explains. “My other favorite famous BMX rider is Joris Daudet because when I met him in person, he inspired me. I even dedicated my 4th grade Multicultural Day Project to him.” Looking ahead, Andres is gearing up for UCI’s 2024 World Championships, his first Worlds competition. We can’t wait to see you up on the podium, Andres! Best of luck from the whole J&R Family!

Fun Fact about Andres:

“I rode on a BMX track before I was even born! My mom tried BMX for the first time at Miami South BMX on Olympic Day in 2011. She found out that she was pregnant with me about a week afterwards.”

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