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J&R National Team Featured Rider-Barry Morrison

Heather Whitford
April 22, 2024

  • Name: Barry Morrison
  • Nickname: The Boss
  • Nickname Origin: “My mom gave it to me when I was born. Still fits.”
  • Age: 7

Introducing Barry “The Boss” Morrison! Barry started riding BMX when he was just 4 years old and has always loved going to the races with his mom and dad while they worked for J&R. He joined the J&R family essentially the day he was born. “Well, my dad owns J&R so I’ve been on the team since I could ride a strider,” he explains.

Barry says his favorite part of competing in BMX races is, “Winning, of course!” and his proudest moments on the track so far are his three national wins in a row to become Intermediate. Of course, with the victories come a variety of challenges on and off the track. Barry says his biggest challenge is, “Not getting frustrated when I don’t win.”

When asked which his favorite track is to ride, Barry had a tough time picking just one. “Sarasota BMX because it’s super long and I like Rockford because I’m fast on it. Really, I just like to race all the tracks,” he says. He also says his favorite BMX rider is a fellow Barry. “Barry Nobles, of course! We share the same name,” he explains. “No, I am not named after him.” Barry has big plans for the year ahead, but he is especially looking forward to rooting for his friends in May. “I’m excited to watch my teammates race at worlds.”

We look forward to seeing you up on the podium, Barry! Best of luck from the whole J&R Family!

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Way to go Barry! Keep up the good work.

Melanie April 29, 2024

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