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J&R Co-Sponsored Riders of the Month-March 2024

Heather Whitford
March 18, 2024

Each of these awesome riders were nominated by their team managers/coaches for their exceptional efforts and achievements. As an acknowledgement of how proud we all are, they will also receive a digital J&R Bicycles Gift Card. Congratulations and best of luck to all of you!

Nicolette Tindle
  • Name: Nicolette Tindle
  • Age/Class: 15 Girl Expert
  • Team: The Hill BMX Racing Team – Elgin, IL

“Nicolette shows outstanding leadership qualities. She has and continues to help each of our younger riders on and off the track. When new riders start, she offers to take them on the track and rides slowly with them to help them get used to being in the track. She also makes any new team members feel welcome.”

Megan Hortt
  • Name: Megan Hortt
  • Age/Class: 31-35 Women’s Cruiser
  • Team: Misfit Racing - Reno, NV

“Megan is being nominated for rider of the month for her continued dedication to reaching her own goals as well as those of the team. Megan recently attended the UCI world qualifier at the Winter National in Phoenix and punched her ticket to represent the USA at worlds this May.”

Rori Sunday

  • Name: Rori Sunday
  • Age/Class: 8 Girls Expert
  • Team: Chaos Squad National Bike Shop Team - Georgia

“Rori has been a fierce competitor since she regained her racing spirit a few months ago. Sitting at 1 in the Florida state series, riding GC3 and almost gaining a NAG plate last year. She has a great attitude and is a shoe in for another GC plate and a NAG plate if she keeps going on this trajectory.”

Lincoln Beeson

  • Name: Lincoln Beeson
  • Age/Class: 6 Intermediate
  • Team: ATX South Side Boys and Girls – Austin, TX

“Lincoln is a young and dedicated 6 year old BMXer racing for the ATX South Side Boys, J&R, and Capitol City BMX in Austin Texas. Lincoln was in the lead last year for the state finals but was in a crash in the state final race. He ended up in 7th overall. Lincoln is now battling some neurological problems. Things that he had as a newborn baby but also triggered by the crash. He has been told by his doctor to stay off the bike for 3 months which is very difficult for him. He’s a really awesome little guy and our team is very proud of him.”

Gavin Innmon
  • Name: Gavin Innmon
  • Age/Class: 14 Expert
  • Team: GFR National BMX Racing Team - Houston, TX

“Wow, Gavin Innmon is the real deal and is putting in the work. Gavin’s strength, courage, and intellect have quickly come together to make his competitors in the extremely competitive 15 Expert class take notice. Gavin will be on top of many podiums in the coming months and years. Backed by an amazing family, Gavin’s potential in the sport is unlimited.”

Andre Hanson
  • Name: Andre Hanson
  • Age/Class: 7 Expert
  • Team: North Star BMX - Minnesota

“Andre consistently tries his hardest on and off the track. With amazing grades and great performance on the track, he also encourages younger riders to really get out there and have fun.”

Cody Arnold

  • Name: Cody Armold
  • Age/Class: 12 Intermediate and Cruiser
  • Team: Lithium Racing - Hampton, VA

“If there is anyone who exemplifies good sportsmanship and a great teammate it is Cody. Cody travels anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour and a half to get to one of the local tracks in the area almost weekly to practice and race. He shows up ready to put forth his best effort in both his class and cruiser motos. Cody celebrates his wins as well as his losses and uses the experience as an opportunity for growth and development. He is friends with many other riders on various teams and at different tracks, making it a point to be present to watch them and cheer them on during their races as well. Cody not only dedicates his time to the BMX community, he also plays soccer. Even on a rough day, or amid a long and tiring week, Cody has the best attitude, is kind to others, and always has fun.”

Grant Arrazaga
  • Name: Grant “Candy Man” Azarraga
  • Age/Class: 10 Expert and 10 Cruiser
  • Team: Sprocket Rockets - Powder Springs, GA

“Grant qualified for Team USA at the Blueridge Nationals. This has been a major goal of his and he has worked so diligently toward achieving this goal. He is pumped to be representing TEAM USA at Rock Hill!”

Cliff Ecker
  • Name: Cliff Ecker
  • Age/Class: 42-45 Expert
  • Team: Elevate Racing - New Jersey

"Cliff has been involved in BMX his whole life. Cliff is the track coach at EHT BMX and runs all the new rider clinics. Cliff really cares about the kids and wants them all to succeed and enjoy BMX!!"

Colton Dent
  • Name: Colton Dent
  • Age/Class: 11 Intermediate
  • Team: Defenders BMX / Supercross – San Antonio, TX

“Colton got his ten novice wins mostly against older kids, and responded to being signed to Defenders/Supercross BMX by winning his first three races in a row in Intermediate!”

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